Herslev Bryghus(DK)-  Unique Series Box

Herslev Bryghus(DK)- Unique Series Box

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Danish farm brewery Herslev Bryghus is a one of kind. They brew their beers with their own grown organic barley and other grains and uses as much as possible local, wild and or organic ingredients. Natural beer is what they call it themselves, controlling the process from the very beginning, the soil. 

One of their special series; the Unique Series, are one off projects, where head brewer Mads Olsen can explore his own creativity with what Mother Nature has to offer, where rush does not exists and time can be given as much as needed to create the most unique flavours. 

This box contains 3 different beers from this series; The Vintage Hay, Anniversary Rye 2019 and the Wild Fermented Damson Plum; blend of 3 barrels. 

Fantastic yet complex beer, that you can drink now but also put away and save it for a while. 



There’s a damson plum tree in front of the brewery and over the years we’ve picked the fruits and let them ferment with our hay beer in port and whisky barrels. The first barrel was filled in 2015, then we filled two more in 2018. Later, we added the damson plums and the wild-fermentation in the barrels continued and developed. The first batch has clear notes of whisky, the second has developed brettanomyces and the third has a rich fruitiness.
Our blend of the 3 barrels is an orange and deeply vinous experience with an aroma of ripe plums and clear tannins in the aftertaste. Serve at 8-10 °C and allow it a few minutes in the glass before drinking. Perfect with creamy fish dishes or oyster.

Brewed 100% with Herslev’s nature. 

Fles 33cl, 11% ABV. 

A strong brew with rye and honey, aged on whisky barrels.

Brewed in celebration of the brewery’s 15 year anniversary in 2019, with craftmanship and local ingredients. Aged on Stauning Rye Whisky barrels, with the whisky coming through the spicy richness of the rye malts. The nuances are enhanced by the flowery honey and the lemony bitterness of Cascade and Magnum hops.

Fles 33cl, 11% ABV. 


Wild acidity and brettanomyces characterize this vinous beer.

Our first batch of wild-fermented hay beer was brewed in 2014 and aged with brett on red wine barrels for 12 months. The wild acidity is balanced by the dryness of the natural brettanomyces and rounded with tannins. The right natural acidity to balance fatty fish, bouillabaisse and set off the contrasts.

Fles 33cl ,7,3% ABV.

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