Herslev Bryghus(DK) - Full Range Big Bottle Box (BIO) 50cl

Herslev Bryghus(DK) - Full Range Big Bottle Box (BIO) 50cl

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At farm brewery Herslev Bryghus, they brew with their own grown organic grains and as much as possible with organic or wild local ingredients. 

They like to brew with the seasons and with as least of interference as possible, like natural wine, they brew natural beer. 

Like every beer from Herslev Bryghus, you can taste the full flavours of the organic ingredients and the craftsmanship of the brewer. Strong flavours yet well in balance, with a long after taste. Beers to enjoy on their own or accompanied with delicious and equally well produced simple foods, like cheese, chocolate, charcuterie, and such. 

This Full Range Big Bottle Box contains 12 unique organic natural beers that is the perfect way to discover the full flavour of Herslev Bryghus. 

Birk/Birch 5,5%,  Organic Belgian White inspired beer with a whole birch tree. 
Hyben / Rosehip 6,2% Organic Red Ale with wild rosehip and rose pedals 
Jule Øl / Christmas Beer 6,5% Organic Red Ale with organic oranges 
Sterjebryg / Starry Night 9% Dark Trappist style beer with star anise 
Porter 6,5% , Organic creamy and round Porter 
Mørk / Dark 9,4%, Organic Imperial Stout with chocolate from Friis Holm 
India Dark Ale 6,2% Organic India Dark Ale with roasted malts and fresh hop
Double IPA 8,3% Organic Double India Pale Ale with Cascade and Simcoe hops
Mark Hø / Hay Pure 4,9%, Organic wild fermented hay beer 
Mark Kirsebaer / Hay Cherry 4,8%, Organic wild fermented hay beer with cherries
Mark Aeble / Hay Apple 3,7%, Organic wild fermented hay beer with apples 
Mark Fadbelagtig / Hay Barrel Aged 11%, Organic on whisky barrel aged wild fermented hay beer. 


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