Herslev Bryghus(DK) - Organic Pilsner 5,5%, 33cl

Herslev Bryghus(DK) - Organic Pilsner 5,5%, 33cl

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"Harmony is a series of beers that celebrate the everyday life. It’s the after-work-beer, the refresher or the break. Harmonious flavours are the heart of the series, ranging from light lunch beers to dark porter. Always focusing on the balance between our homegrown malts and the best organic hops.

This series is all about the down-to-earth craftmanship. Rich traditional brews with harmonious, well-rounded characters. The series represent a broad range of brewing traditions, but common to all of them is their drinkability. They’re beers for all occasions, and maybe especially when there’s no occasion."


A pilsner is about clarity, in looks and taste.
Our pilsner is brewed from the Czech model, with our own barley malt. The colour is straw yellow, and the nose is fresh hops, leaving a bitterness and a rounded edge. It’s a malty, strong pilsner type.

Alc. 5,5% | IBU 40 | 12,75° plato

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