Herslev Bryghus(DK) - Smoked Rye Saison 33cl, 7%

Herslev Bryghus(DK) - Smoked Rye Saison 33cl, 7%

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Meet Herslev's new Unique beers.

"What happens when the brewers are free to play and experiment with fermentation, barrel-aging and the fruits from the back-yard?
A new series of beers emerge, and we’re calling them Unique. The availability of our experiemental small-batch brews used to be limited to selected bars, but now we’re finally bottling them for you to take home. You’ll know them by this look, but their content can vary greatly."


Another Kioskh's favourite ,the Smoked Rye Saison.
This one is very special, the smoked rye gives the beer an almost dashi like flavour, full of umami, very well balanced with the dryness of a saison. 

If you're curious and have tasted a fair amount of different styles beers with bold flavours, than this one could be something for you. 

They come in limited amount and will only be brewed once! 

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